Saturation And Compression For A Bargain Price – SoundSpot Halcyon Plugin 90% OFF

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Do you need a saturation and compressor plugin for an affordable price? If yes, than check out the latest release of SoundSpot. The developer released Halycon, a new software product that features saturation and compression in one easy to use plugin. For limited time, you can buy this new plugin with a 90% OFF discount at Plugin Boutique and for this price the plugin is a bargain. Please use the code: Halcyon90 at checkout.

Some of the greatest recordings of all time come from the analogue age, boasting a warm and pleasing sonic character, but how can this be achieved in the digital domain? Simple – use saturation to add harmonics. Whether you are using a little to add a touch of warmth, or driving the signal hard to create dirty and distorted sounds, saturation plays a key role in every great production.

But not all saturation tools are created equal, and all to often producers find themselves stacking a combination of various saturation plugins, to get the sound they are searching for or control the need. At SoundSpot® we decided that a one stop shop for saturation was needed, and began developing a plugin that would deliver amazing sound quality and character with all the control you need.

The Halcyon boasts a huge amount of control, allowing you to truly tailor the sound of your harmonic saturation. From smooth tape to warm tube and everything in between, the Halcyon can breath life into your productions and make them sound fantastic.
SoundSpot Halcyon for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is now available at an introductory 70% discount until July 1st, 2017. Exclusively at Plugin Boutique you can save 90% off using coupon code Halcyon90 at checkout.

Available here: SoundSpot Halycon 90% OFF

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