Puremagnetik released Harpitron – Sounds of Suzuki Tronichord

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Puremagnetik released Harpitron, a new sample library for Ableton Live and Kontakt focusing on the sounds of the Suzuki Tronichord. 

Harpitron brings the beautifully simple sounds of the 1981 Suzuki Tronichord into the 21st century. As a precursor to the later, larger Omnichord (see Puremagnetik’s Ultrakord) the Tronichord employed a circle of fifths style layout for simple harmonic navigation and musical playability.

Puremagnetik has now resurrected this classic synthesizer and reverse engineered it for Ableton Live, Kontakt & Logic. It includes automated strumming features, grid and chromatic layouts for Ableton Push or a traditional keyboard and intricately programed articulation controls.
Harpitron Includes:
  • Separate Chord and “Sonic Strings” Mixing
  • Harp Style, Strum and Articulation Controls
  • Grid and Chromatic Modes for Ableton Live (Optimized for Push)
  • Custom Kontakt KSP Editing Interface
  • Track Stacks, Patches and Smart Controls for Logic

Harpitron is a Spark pack and currently only available with Puremagnetik’s Century membership.
More Informations here: Puremagnetik Harpitron

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