Klevgränd released Gaffel (Synchronized Band Splitter) & Wizibel Music Visualizer App for iOS

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Klevgränd produktion is still a very busy developer and released just before the weekend today two new products. One for PC/Mac and one for the iOS platform. 

Gaffel (Synchronized Band Splitter)
Gaffel is a tool that splits audio into different frequency bands. Using it on multiple channels lets the user create multiband effect(s) out of any other plugin installed.
Frequency parameters are globally synchronized between different instances of the plug in if they’re set to the same group, which makes it really convenient to work with in any DAW.
  • Linkwitz-Riley cross over filter algorithm 
  • Frequency parameters are synchronised globally between instances
  • Supports up to 8 different groups 
  • AU version, compatible with most Mac OS X DAW’s 
  • VST version, compatible with most Mac & Windows DAW’s 
  • System requirements Mac OS X 10.7+ / Windows 7+ with SP1 or higher
Available here for an introductory price of 29.99$ (50% OFF) Gaffel < Regular 59.99$ 

Wizibel Music Visualizer App

Available here: 7.99$ → 3.99$ (50% OFF introduction sale) 

Wizibel lets you create music videos in a flash! If you are a musician and don’t have the time to create an advanced music video for your song, this app is right up your alley. Just import your song, tweak some parameters and export a high quality video to be shared.

The app currently has six themes (updated versions after initial release will probably contain more of those), each theme with a set of tweakable parameters for customization, like text strings, sizes, colours, images and how audio waveforms/audio visualizations should react to the music. 

How to use:

The video can be previewed by interacting with the timeline and play/stop button (right under the preview window). Beneath the timeline are the selected theme’s parameters. This view is scrollable.

At the bottom there’s a tab bar:

  • Theme: Opens up a view with available themes
  • Music: Let’s you import music from iTunes or AudioShare (if installed). Music can also be imported from other apps, using the ”Open In..” function. AIF, WAV, MP3, AAC are supported file formats.
  • Settings
  • Video Export Quality: 
    • LOW renders a low resolution video on export. 
    • MID renders a 720p video on export. 
    • HIGH renders a 1080p video on export
  • Fade In / Fade Out : If turned on, the video will fade in and out in the beginning and end. The slider sets fade time, and the squared button the background colour it should fade to/from.
  • Export: Exports the video and, when finished, let’s you save it to the camera roll or send to other apps that accepts videos.
Wizibel is now available for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes store. For limited time, you can save 50% on the regular price (7.99$) 

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