Autodafe released CHPT-1 Chiptune Drums for Kontakt 5.6

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After the release of the OSCar Synthesizer sample library, Autodafe released today a new Chiptune library for Kontakt 5.6. CHPT-1 is a new drum machine for Kontakt 5.6 (full version) based on samples of old retro-computers, video games, and circuit bent toy keyboards.

Features of CHPT-1 Chiptune Drums 

  • 5 vertical slots: Kicks, Snare/Rim/Clap, Hats (Closed, Open, Pedal), Cymbal/Cowbell, and Toms (Hi, Mid, Low) for a total of 12 sounds.
  • Each Slot has different selectable kits of sounds: 32 Kicks, 32, Snares/Rim/Clap combinations, 16 Hats combinations (Closed, Open, Pedal), 8 Cymbals/Cowbells, 8 Toms combinations (Hi, Mid, Low) for lots of different combinations.
  • Each slot has separate Level, Pan and Tune controls for fine editing and fine-tuning of the samples.
  • Each slot has two separate controls for Attack and Sustain of the onboard transient shaper.
  • Each slot has Solo/Mute buttons, to Solo and Mute sounds in the slot.
  • Each slot has an independent selectable Filter: Filter Type (different LowPass, HighPass), with Cutoff and Resonance controls.
  • Each slot has an independent Distortion section with selectable Type (Tube or Transistor) and Level control.
  • Each slot a dedicated Reverb Send Level, which controls the amount of sound that is sent to the Reverb bus channel.
Available now for 9.99 € here: Autodafe CHPT-1 Chiptune Drums for Kontakt 5.6

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