Digitana Electronics announced HALia Synthesizer

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Digitana Electronics is best known for their works on replicas of the EMS and Synthi 100 Synthesizers. Now the company announced a new Synthesizer which is in development and it looks quite special compared to all other Synthesizers available. HALia is still in deep development and currently this build is a controller based on a ARM processor. This processors works currently in the AIRA-Synthesizer by Roland and also in our smartphones and tablets. If the company will release this Synthesizer one day, i will be happy because I’m pretty sure it will be a experimental synth. Also for this information, thanks to german Synthesizer blog sequencer.de

This product is still in development and the final list of features on production units may change.

Another new project being developed in collaboration with The Future Sound of London. This is an all digital ‘pocket’ synth using multiple powerful ARM-based microcontrollers. Sonic possibilities are endless. Everything from huge pulsating multi-oscillator drones, FM-synthesis to Buchla-esque noodlings (and everything in between) are all possible. Imagination is the only limit!

Details and audio samples to follow.

For more future informations, check the official website: HALia Synthesizer

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