ROLAND releases Juno-106 Plug-Out for System-8 Synthesizer

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ROLAND has a nice surprise just before Christmas. The new Juno 106 Plug-Out Synthesizer for the System-8 Synthesizer is out. The first estimated release was for 2017 but I think the development was faster. The new 1.11 update for the System 8 now includes a Juno-106 ACB based emulation Plug-Out and also some other improvements. Check out the video from the Repair formation from Toronto talking about the Juno-106 Synthesizer.

Firmware version 1.11 

Additional Function

  • The JUNO-106 PLUG-OUT is preloaded onto the [PLUG-OUT 2] button.
  • To load JUNO-106 tone data, a factory reset after updating is required. Follow the procedure in “Updating the Tone Data” to select the target item for the factory reset (“ALL” or “PLUG-OUT 2”) and execute the factory reset.
  • An effect setting screen was added to the menu items. Along with this, advanced setting parameters were added for DELAY/CHORUS and REVERB.
  • A SYSTEM-1 filter was added to FILTER VARIATION 3.
  • A mode for saving the tempo in patches was added (“PATCH TEMPO” in system settings).

Functionality Improvements

  • During control operation, the display is kept unchanging, and the [VALUE] knob can be used to make fine adjustments (by pressing the [ENTER] button during parameter name and value display).
  • Parameters for INPUT-use effects can now be changed by holding down the [VOCODER] button and operating the controls for the DELAY/CHORUS or REVERB section.
  • When the Part Edit (performance mode) KEY RANGE setting is in effect, the settings for key ranges can be made by holding down the [SHIFT] button and fingering the keys on the keyboard.
  • It is now possible to set the tempo by tap tempo at the TEMPO Adjust screen (by holding down the [SHIFT] button and pressing [ENTER]).
  • Other minor improvements in operation were made.

Bug Fixes

  • The MONO setting for a patch was not applied in the performance mode.
  • Problems during use with the SH-101 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer plugged out were corrected.
  • Sub OSC Type could not be selected using the Wave knob in the OSC3/SUB OSC section.
  • The indicator for the [ENV] knob in the FILTER section failed to light up.
  • The indicators for the [A], [D], [S], and [R] sliders in the AMP section failed to follow the VCA MODE setting.
  • Other minor bugs.

More Informations here: Roland System 8

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