PluginPlay announced Subscription Platform for Plugins – The Future of Plugins?

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PluginPlay announced today a new audio plugin platform where users can rent a plugin. They offer monthly and annual license for a wide range of different plugins. The prices for one plugin for one month is fair (49$ plugin, you can subscribe for 2.50$ per month). I have just a doubt about the future of plugin developers. Will be this subscription model the future model of distribution for companies? One possible reason is, the companies has a good revenue each month but for me personally, I love it more to have one plugin for ever. Sure plugins can’t work after three years because they are not compatible with the system. If they offer lifetime support with such subscription than I can understand this model. It’s a new model for offering plugins and I’m really looking forward how this will be in near future. 

More Informations here: PluginPlay

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